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SMM – Social Media Marketing

The world is changing rapidly and as a result, marketing tactics are becoming different. Gone are the days of blanketing radio and TV with constant advertisements and hoping for the best. Now, a company can reach potential clients much more easily through social media. Social media allows companies to cater directly to their clientele.

Social Media Marketing is not as simple as it looks, though.

It‘s not as easy as sending out one Twitter blast or a Facebook status update.There are a variety of platforms that companies can use for social media marketing, let’s take a look at a few do’s and don’ts.

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Do pay close attention to your audience

While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and a variety of other sites give you direct access to potential customers, this access is useless unless you can tailor content that speaks to them. Instead of simply using social media to spread the word, take the time to read through your customers’ own social media content.

By doing so, you’ll be able to gain a far better grasp on their needs and wants. There is already enough clutter online without your company adding to it. Make sure your content has real value.

Don’t confuse flooding with working hard

Any yokel can flood Twitter or Pinterest with a deluge of content. Many companies place a huge level of emphasis on developing a wide range of connections. However, when your company gets 10,000 likes on Facebook or 1,000 endorsements on LinkedIn, are these from paying customers? Or are these even from actual real people or are most of them bots and fake accounts.

And even more importantly, are these from customers who are going to return again and again and purchase your products or services? Emphasize quality over quantity when using social media marketing.

social media marketing in hyderabad
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Do acknowledge those who reach out

A common mistake made by companies is assuming that they don’t have the time to reach out and answer every Facebook comment, tweet or Google Plus post. But, consumers have more options than ever. Typically, they are looking for a company that provides a tangible connection. By reaching out and remaining in contact with customers, their minds are put at ease and they feel more confident about becoming repeat purchasers. Taking the time to nurture your connections pays off in the long run and leads to positive word of mouth. If it becomes too much to handle in-house go ahead and outsource your responses. Nothing will impact your business more than your response to clients reaching out to you.

Don’t post content and then vanish

Accessibility is one of the primary keys to developing strong social media marketing skills. Publishing quality content is a great first step, but without taking the next step to remain accessible to your client base, even the best content falls by the wayside.

Social media marketing can be quite fickle, so unless you follow up on the content your publish, you could be here and gone tomorrow. A long disappearance can lead to you being replaced.

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More often than not, it‘s been noticed that justice couldn’t be done to Social Media Marketing front, because the core business of the Company keeps you busy and takes precedence over everything else, which is more than justifiable and makes perfect sense. This is where, we as ITFormula1 comes into picture and offload this crucial responsibility from your shoulders and put it on ours.

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